Catholic Engaged Encounter is a wonderful gift to give your fiance, yourself, or an engaged couple you know. Through the years couples attending CEE weekends leave with an experience of a lifetime and positive comments to share.

It was good to hear from other couples about their marriage experience and hear about the different ways we can be open and life-giving in our marriage. I thought it was great that there was someone here to talk about Natural Family Planning.
Charles & Maricel
We loved the format of the program. It takes the engagement and wedding experience from beginning to end, with a deep look at ourselves as individuals and as a couple. We felt even stronger about the decision to marry by our experience. Thanks a million!
I’m glad I attended because I really got a chance to spend the whole weekend with my fiance, especially with our busy schedules. We really had time to talk without any distractions. I know that I really love Chelsie and YES it was a great weekend!
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