Catholic Engaged Encounter is a wonderful gift to give your fiance, yourself, or an engaged couple you know. Through the years couples attending CEE weekends leave with an experience of a lifetime and positive comments to share.

We would like to express how grateful we are to have had an an amazing opportunity this weekend. We are thankful we crossed paths with you folks and other couples. We didn’t know what to expect this weekend but we decided as couple to go in full force and give it our all. We thought to ourselves “hmmmm what could they teach us about ourselves as individuals or as a couple that we don’t already know?”. We were just unsure. BUT we were welcomed with open arms and smiles. You folks opened up about yourselves as individuals and as couples and mannnnnn your stories are inspiring. This is just the beginning for us. But overall we learned ALOT. ALOT as both individuals and as couples. And we thank you all for that. We will for sure keep in touch.
Dajia & Casey
I’m glad I attended because I really got a chance to spend the whole weekend with my fiance, especially with our busy schedules. We really had time to talk without any distractions. I know that I really love Chelsie and YES it was a great weekend!
We loved the format of the program. It takes the engagement and wedding experience from beginning to end, with a deep look at ourselves as individuals and as a couple. We felt even stronger about the decision to marry by our experience. Thanks a million!
It was good to hear from other couples about their marriage experience and hear about the different ways we can be open and life-giving in our marriage. I thought it was great that there was someone here to talk about Natural Family Planning.
Charles & Maricel
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